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An Art Gallery Opening In Hollywood
Visions for Himeros Opening Event Invitation.

My good friend, the brilliant Michael Helms, phoned the other day to say that several of his photographs had been accepted for a prestigious art gallery opening in Hollywood and that one of them involved some of my rope designs.

The above photograph was taken for a new book project that he and I are doing and Michael was kind enough to ask if my publishers would be OK with having it publicly exhibited. Naturally, I was extremely flattered and quickly got the OK.

Within a day I received another phone call, this time from the very talented photographer Perry Gallagher who, to my amazement, informed me that he also had several works accepted for the same show and, once again, some of my rope was going to be on display! To say I was doubly flattered would be no exaggeration.

Things got even more exciting when Perry mentioned that the gallery was the very hip and avant-garde Artist’s Corner Gallery on Hollywood Boulevard and that the gallery’s director, Carlos Benítez, liked the rope photographs and was wondering if I would be willing to do a demonstration at the opening! Needless to say, it didn't take me more than two seconds to respond! To whit, I was very flattered and would love to! 

“Visions for Himeros” was the title of the Hollywood exhibit It had an erotic theme and the program notes stated that the show, “features erotic art of the 21st-century,... and will represent a wide range of new perspectives arising from the sensual gazes of the contemporary artist. An eclectic group exhibition of photography, painting, sculpture and demonstration that will arouse the senses,…”

Photo by Michael Helms.
Photo by Perry Gallagher.

Artists Corner Gala.
Intriguing to say the least!

It was an exciting evening of fine art, good conversation, interesting people and excitement; just what you'd expect in Hollywood. 

In the midst of all this color and drama mine was a very small part but I did my best and I was flattered to see that, probably due to my two beautiful models, Ms L and Lillian Winters, quite a crowd had gathered to watch me do several fairly basic Kinbaku designs. 

As for the art, it was all “as advertised” and I was astonished by the many varied takes on “eroticism” in all its forms on display as well as the high level of quality each artist brought to his or her work. I only wish I had permission to reproduce some of it here but, failing that, I urge any of my readers who might be in the LA area to check out this fine gallery for this show and for their future exhibitions.

In addition to scores of art lovers and customers of all sorts, some in costume, there were also several celebrities hiding their identities, and even a beautiful, naked young woman on a pedestal having her body “live airbrush” painted. Quite a “scene.”

I wasn’t sure what I would be in for when I arrived at the opening but I was lucky enough to be assisted by my long time friends and students zElement and Remy who were kind enough to arrive early in order to scope out the scene and help set up the performance space.  

Tying 1 - Photo by Perry Gallagher.

Tying 2 - Photo by Yoshi Murakami.

As always, I was pleased to demonstrate Kinbaku to people not all that familiar with the art and I was even more pleased to be introduced to several artists and photographers who said they wanted to include Japanese rope in some of their future projects!

A great experience! And all due to the artistry and generosity of Michael Helms and Perry Gallagher, to say nothing of my skilled helpers zElement and Remy. Thanks guys! 

Tying 3 - Photo by Perry Gallagher.
(For more details and photographs of this event please visit The Beauty of Kinbaku website here.)
(For more details and photographs of this event please visit The Beauty of Kinbaku website here.)