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Intermediate Yukimura Ryu: Aibu Nawa 2 愛撫縄
One of the more dramatic styles of kinbaku is the suspension (or tsuri) where the bound partner is lifted into the air. This class will include how to tie a suspension worthy gote (upper body harness), partial suspension (kata-ashi zuri) and safe suspension theory.

Master “K” has been designing and delivering large scale presentations, intensive workshops for four to five couples and customized private lessons in all aspects of kinbaku for over 30 years, both on his own and for the ryu and dojo he co-founded in LA. Though he enjoys reaching out to a wider audience, especially through commercial projects like films and advertising layouts, he prefers the more intimate and direct teaching of the private and individual class or the small scale intensive in which the student can learn techniques and safety skills specific to their needs and abilities. The art of kinbaku can be enjoyed by everyone. 

Below are just a few examples of the types of classes on offer. Want something not listed here? Master “K” will tailor the curriculum to your specific needs and skill level, be you a beginner or an experienced rigger looking to hone your craft. 

To begin a conversation with Master “K” please send an email by clicking the button to the right and he will respond as soon as possible, usually within 48 hours.

Please note that space and time for Master K Classes each season is limited but we will do our best to accommodate you.
Introduction to Yukimura Ryu: Aibu Nawa 愛撫縄
Aibu Nawa 2 is an intermediate class in Yukimura Haruki’s unique style of kinbaku. We begin with a quick refresher of the introductory class before proceeding to learn a series of four different ties, eventually building to a beautiful partial suspension.

The class will also explore several of the more complex areas of Yukimura’s caressing style including body position, safety, use of hard points, body manipulation, the psychological aspects of tying and the use of touch in building rope scenes.

Students should have some experience with Yukimura’s basic ties (as studied in Aibu Nawa 1) or schedule a private lesson prior to the class.
Kinbaku 101
Kinbaku 101 is an intensive hands-on seminar designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of kinbaku. We cover the basics, including types of rope and safety as well as the creation of three distinctive, authentic and historical ties - the mae te nawa (hand-cuff tie), the ushirode shibari (decorative hands in front Buddhist prayer tie) and the one rope gote (classic kinbaku box tie).

Master K Classes 
Introduction to Suspensions
Aibu Nawa is the term used to describe the “caressing style” of Yukimura ryu. As a school of kinbaku that focuses primarily on communication between partners. Yukimura ryu explores the ways that rope can be used as a medium for communication and how it can be an effective tool for creating emotional and psychological bonds between partners.

This class focuses on three basic, foundational ties of the Yukimura Ryu: the basic wrist tie, the 1 and 2 rope gote, and the futomomo or basic leg tie. We will also demonstrate several kata, or progressions, that help in understanding how to build a rope scene and create a deeper connection between partners.

A History of Erotic Rope Bondage: Key Figures From the Golden Age of SM
This class chronicles the explosion of SM in Japan following the second world war through the story of five key figures in the history of kinbaku: Itoh Seiu, Minomura Kou, Tsujimura Takeshi, Osada Eikechi, and Oniroku Dan.

In exploring each of these key figures, we will examine how kinbaku influenced and was influenced by art, publishing, stage performance, literature and film.

Safety for Subs & the Rope Tops Who Love Them
This is a special class designed for both rope bottoms (and their tops) who want to learn more about the mechanics of rope and how it impacts the body. 

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Suspensions 102
This class is reserved for the students who have taken the Introduction to Suspensions class. It will pick up where the first class left off and include instruction in creating a safe full suspension, hip harness techniques and kinbaku in performance tips catered to the rope partner's needs, physiology and abilities.

Interested in taking a class with Master K?
Kinbaku 102
This class picks up where Kinbaku 101 ended. It continues the study of classic Japanese rope techniques by exploring three additional and more complicated ties: the two rope gote (Japanese box tie), the tasuki shibari (the second most comon upper body tie after the gote), and the agura shibari (cross-legged, seated bondage). While it is not necessary for the student to have taken Kinbaku 101 to take this class, it is advisable.