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“Davos Safe” 

As the world attempts to forget and move away from the deadly Covid pandemic, it’s clear that this is not so easy for everyone to do. While many younger people are beginning to once again enjoy many activities thanks to vaccines and treatments, there is still a large group of Americans, including those over 50 and those suffering from underlying medical conditions, that find the threat of being out in public a serious one. So how does this situation affect practicing the Art of Kinbaku?

The truth is, because learning and enjoying Japanese rope is so intimate and intense an activity (and done for the most part indoors), this is a serious question. And while rope social gatherings are taking place, BDSM clubs are reopening and rope centric events, classes and even barbecues are offering inviting possibilities, whether to attend such activities is still not an easy decision for many to make. 

This is why we’ve just completed a $10,000 refit of our Beverly Hills dojo to make it “Davos safe” so our friends and visitors can enjoy the same secure environment that billionaires were guaranteed at the recent World Economic Summit. We’ve spent weeks putting together protocols that included easy Cue PCR testing (in 20 minutes), air filtration that recycles the air in the dojo eight times per hour and blue light technology, which has been shown to purify the air to the level of a hospital surgery. It took lots of planning, the generous help of many and serious design skills to make it attractive but we now think we offer one of the safest spaces in Southern California, if not the entire United States, for practicing the intimate Art of Kinbaku.

For most visitors to the dojo these amenities will remain invisible. But for those rope tops and bottoms, photographers, graphic artists and observers who are over 50 or who suffer from health issues that are even more dangerous when exposed to Covid, we hope they will provide some much-needed peace of mind. For us Kinbaku is all about pleasure, beauty and safety, and we always do everything in our power to preserve these pillars of our beautiful art form.
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