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Kinbaku in the Age of Covid Part 2
As there begins to be a faint glimmer of light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, people in the world of Kinbaku continue to struggle with how to keep practicing, experiencing and enjoying this most intimate and sensual of BDSM arts.

For us at the Spring Tiger Ryu we have been fortunate to have many dedicated students who continue to take their classes online, new students who are interested in learning how to do self-ties or work with their partners, as well as Zoom classes devoted to Kinbaku art and history.
In addition, we continue to do our second life events.

We had an unusually large audience from both Europe and the United States in attendance, which only goes to prove how hungry people who love rope are for any chance to experience it during these difficult times.

This is our most romantic event when we concentrate on the sensuous side of Kinbaku, the precious connection between rope tops and ropes bottoms and the techniques of seductive, caressing Kinbaku, especially those perfected by the great Yukimura Haruki sensei.

Recently we celebrated Valentine’s Day with an event that we have done every year for the past few years at our dojo called ValenTied.

The reaction was so positive that we now plan to combine the romantic with the educational and  will soon show a video that describes how to actually do a simple tie as well as to celebrate the connection between the participants. Once again we will be fortunate enough to have Remy and blue perform. And other students will be joining and presenting videos in the coming months until we can all get back to meeting in person. However, even then, thanks to the wonderful reactions we’ve had, we may continue the zoom events for a wider, worldwide audience.

The video was especially challenging to show on second life but, thanks to zElement’s connections with a brilliant engineer we were able to screen in its entirety this very romantic and expressive documentation of a simple Kinbaku pattern (Tasuke shibari) to an appreciative audience. 

If you are interested in joining or learning more please go to
Spring Tiger Ryu (
for further information.
The pictures and brief embedded video depicted here, which were so beautifully executed under very difficult conditions by one of my best students Remy K Thane and his lovely and expressive partner blue and then edited with great skill by Remy and my talented colleague zElement, were shown at the second life event.

Of course, there are other worthwhile ways to experience Kinbaku during these precarious times. Some rope experts are doing YouTube type performances and others are attempting to give online lecture demonstrations. However, for us at Spring Tiger Ryu we have always felt that Kinbaku needs to be taught one on one so that each individual rope top and bottom can have their Kinbaku education personalized to safely meet their specific needs.

We hope you enjoy these lovely stills and brief video clip from last month’s Valentine’s Day event and we look forward to doing many more events in the future in the extraordinary world of second life and through our private STR classes on Zoom.