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Open at Last!
There is an interesting Latin phrase that comes to mind.
These protocols include:
Proof of vaccination. Everyone entering the dojo space must have proof of vaccination prior to any class or event. This is in accordance with Los Angeles Health Department guidelines.
Each student must provide proof of a negative Covid test within 48 hours of their class or event. Again, this is in accordance with Los Angeles Health Department guidelines.
Masks must be worn during all classes or events except when short breaks are taken for liquid refreshment.
And here’s the real breakthrough!
All classes and events will be held outdoors.
Thanks to the hard work of STR members we have secured two lovely and secluded locations where we can hold classes and events in privacy and which allow for both complete fresh air ventilation and extensive space between couples. And thanks to the beautiful weather we have in Southern California we will be able, with a few exceptions and no new serious Covid spikes, to hold afternoon classes and events through most of the winter months.
In the past few weeks we have tested these protocols by holding evaluation sessions with “named students” which have gone off without a hitch (see all of the attached photos) and give us confidence that we are proceeding safely and prudently. In the coming months, as we wait for Covid levels to decline and we can move back into our indoor Beverly Hills dojo space, we will be holding two public events in addition to booking private classes for eligible students.

These events will be our traditional Kinbaku safety class, “for rope bottoms and the tops who love them” and a Kinbaku 101 class where three basic ties for loving partners will be taught.
We’re hoping that after the New Year the Covid situation will have resolved itself enough to allow us to resume our normal set of group and private classes in our dojo space and, in addition to those, we will add two other monthly events!
The new events will be a “rope social” evening each month which will allow students for a small fee to use the facilities of the dojo and a monthly “Kinbaku for Beginners” class. 
Please look for further information on all of these events and classes at 
in the coming weeks.
Festina lente - which literally translates to “make haste but slowly.”
This can be interpreted in any of a number of ways but, basically, it reminds us that no matter how fast we want to do things they need to be done with care and that the more complex the endeavor the more care must be taken to not make mistakes.
This is certainly true during this time of Covid and especially true when it comes to practicing, teaching and attending events in the exciting and stimulating world of Kinbaku which we have all missed for so many months. It is, therefore, a great pleasure to announce that the activities at our dojo and the Spring Tiger Ryu will begin again starting this month.
It’s been a long time coming because the complexities have been daunting. Kinbaku is such an intimate pursuit and the partners are in such close proximity that the risk of Covid infection is quite similar to other close quarter exchanges such as tango dancing, crowded church services, choir practices, etc., etc. Partially this is due to the fact that dojo spaces are often small affairs and rope is an indoor recreation where ventilation is sometimes not the best. 
The challenges to re-opening the dojo have, therefore, been significant but we think we have now put into place protocols that will soon allow us to once again practice and teach the beautiful art of Shibari/Kinbaku.
It's great to be back!

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