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Kinbaku in the Age of Covid
This has certainly been a difficult time for every rope lover and anyone who appreciates the art of Kinbaku (Japanese erotic rope bondage).

Social distancing has made it necessary for all of us to act responsibly to keep each other safe and this means there are very few rope tops or rope bottoms who are able to get their “rope fixes” in the usual way and tie together.

Needless to say, with an art that is so intimate such close contact between people as is required in Shibari/Kinbaku (unless the partners dwell in the same household and practice smart health measures) is an impossibility, at least for the time being and we all hope that this cloud of contagion will lift from our passion soon.

These classes are on such topics as Kinbaku history, art, self-tying techniques and even more technically challenging classes involving more complicated patterns and even suspensions. Of course, the more complicated classes can only be taught to those lucky couples who are safely quarantined together.

Much to my surprise, as soon as the lockdown began I started to get requests for “virtual teaching” sessions through such platforms as Zoom and Skype. Slowly but surely, as these requests grew in number, ideas were hatched on how to do this and our virtual dojo is now holding classes and events at least several times a week. 

 Of course, the temptation to take chances is human which is why my dojo partners, Z element and Yzen as well as my key students and I, have tried over the last several months to come up with activities that involve the art of Kinbaku but which are, most importantly, safe and pleasant to do.

I find these classes very pleasant and challenging to do for beginners and advanced practitioners alike and it’s almost the same thing as being in the same room with students, teachers and partners, except without the risk.

Recently, my partner Z element was approached by her friends in the Second Life world.

And now a new and exciting challenge has been offered and taken up.

These events were very well-attended and we were extremely flattered to be asked to do a continuing series of lectures which we are now going to do!

This was then followed by a second very pleasant hour and a half event discussing specific Kinbaku poses and ties as done in real life and how they could be duplicated in Second Life.

The subjects were Kinbaku history as well as “live” Kinbaku art and photography versus Japanese rope as practiced in Second Life using sexy and attractive avatars. 

Recently, I was invited to address the Second Life SIM (island) Amarillis owned and hosted by the creative and charming Alang Fall, Merrie Fall and Jessie and their group Circle of Consent in their stunning Japanese pavilion and BDSM-themed dojo.

For those of you who are not familiar with this fascinating Internet phenomenon, this is a realm peopled by avatars and the fantastic and beautiful spaces and worlds of interest they and their friends create - and quite a few of them have BDSM elements!

For those interested, I share some of the pictures from these evenings, including an invitation and announcement of upcoming events.

It’s a fascinating world to visit and a wonderful solace, for the time being, until we can all safely meet in person again.
For those  wanting further information about virtual classes or Second Life seminars  please contact Spring Tiger Ryu (

All photos of Second Life were taken by Z element with permission from Circle of Consent. Other stills from various Spring Tiger Ryu activities are copyright Michael Helms/Master "K" and used with permission.