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A big THANK YOU to everyone who attended our November “Fundamentals of Kinbaku” event! 
Thank you!

We were delighted that the sellout crowd seemed to have such a good time at our spacious outdoor venue under a beautiful blue sky as we demonstrated several well-known and classic ties on our lovely model. 
The attendees then had the opportunity to work with their own partners and rope and learn these very same ties for their own use. 
We hope to do more of these group classes in the future so please continue to watch these pages as well as those of the Spring Tiger Ryu for further information. 

We look forward to seeing you again soon at either one of the Spring Tiger Ryu group events or privately! 
Also, if you are interested in contacting Master “K” for private classes (individuals or from one to three couples) or for private sessions or photo or video engagements, please feel free to do so directly at