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The exciting world of Kinbaku and wax was the subject of the latest Spring Tiger Ryu “mod” (for modular) class held recently at our Los Angeles dojo.

The class covered such important safety points as how to prepare your play space for wax, how to apply wax safely and sensually to your partner and where, what ties are appropriate to use so that your rope isn’t ruined by wax and what types of waxes are best obtained for play and, most importantly, which ones are not!

Arisue Go in performance from the 2007 film "Bakushi".
Wax has long been paired with Kinbuku ever since the very first BDSM rope performances were staged in Tokyo in the mid-1960s. The dramatic flames and bright colors, to say nothing of the perceived danger of the melting wax on naked bodies, added tremendously to the excitement of those early performances and they still do so today.

However, there is a lot of secret stagecraft to be learned when using wax for performance and even more expertise is needed when playing privately with a beloved partner.

The sold out class was treated to a lecture on the symbolic history of fire and wax in Japan and then a demonstration was given showing interesting and creative ties to be used with wax as well as safe and sexy applications. To conclude, a complete set of written protocols was given out to aid in safely using this dynamic and colorful BDSM toy.

As the accompanying photographs amply demonstrate, a fun and educational time was had by all!

After the lecture/demonstration free wax sticks were provided to the class and participants were able to learn new ties and enjoy hands on play with wax, all to the great satisfaction of the attendees.
With special thanks to our wonderful participants and especially our beautiful model Sandra, organizer extraordinare zElement and rope associates Angie and Remy!
Kinbaku and Wax-

a Spring Tiger Ryu “mod” class