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What is Kinbaku? 緊縛
Kinbaku is the centuries old art of Japanese erotic rope bondage. 
Briefly put, it is the technique of safe, sensual, dramatic and erotic bondage that’s been raised to an art form in Japan.

Each of these four words - Art, Japanese, Erotic and Bondage - can have a multitude of meanings depending upon who is speaking and who is listening. What is art to you? What do you find erotic? How does culture affect our perceptions? How does it feel to tie or be tied, and how do you do it safely? 

That is why the study and practice of Kinbaku is so exciting. Each of these four elements plays a part and the most satisfying experiences hit on all of them - although the emphasis can constantly change, as can our desires and interests.

Master “K” teaches classes that touch on all these areas. These classes can include basic kinbaku ties for beginners through to suspensions for performance. 

One special emphasis is the Yukimura Ryu, the style of Grandmaster Yukimura Haruki known as "caressing rope."  As the first licensed Yukimura Ryu teacher in North America he teaches students to reach a level of proficiency and safety in rope that allows for the intimate communication that is at the heart of kinbaku. 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rope practitioner, are interested in technique, history or philosophy, Master “K” has a class for you.
Photo: Michael Helms, Rope: Master K