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There will be more to come so please check back soon for more updates and posts.

It was great getting together and discussing future plans which included: regularly scheduled monthly beginner’s classes for the public, events generated by Spring Tiger Ryu and private classes and photo sessions for individuals. It was quite a surprisingly emotional day for all of us attending the event and Master “K” took the opportunity to demonstrate a few of the things he’s been working on. 
Thanks to the tremendous generosity of a named student we now have in place the Cue system which allows us to perform PCR quality tests for Covid at the dojo and, assuming a negative result, allows for everyone in the gathering to feel completely safe.

These have included a book shoot, a tremendously exciting film production from France and numerous private lessons.

It’s been quite a while since our last post. However, it hasn’t been because there’s been nothing to report. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. In the last several months we’ve been engaged with any number of fascinating projects which we will be reporting on in the coming weeks.

These included: a decorative gote from the creative mind of Japanese master Takeshita Nagaike which allows for a sensuous rope pattern but minimal cinching for those who might have hands prone to tingling, a seme nawa or (torment tie) for those rope bottoms up to a safe challenge and, finally, a traditional gote from the Yukimura Haruki sensei school of caressing Kinbaku. The lovely models were Angie, Moon and Prism and the photographs were taken by the talented KMACK. *
We took advantage of this wonderful gift and recently had our first in-person group session. Invited attendees included named students, their models and other longtime friends of the dojo. 
The dojo in Beverly Hills is finally open for in person classes!

However, today we want to report on something smaller but even more meaningful.

The Dojo Opens!
As a final teaser for this week we offer this enigmatic photo taken just a few days ago. The location is Norma Place in West Hollywood which once was a street where famous people dwelled. These included the actress Norma Talmadge, the brilliant writer Dorothy Parker and the fetish artist John Willie. Now who do you think the French camera team depicted in this photo was interested in?

Until next time! 
* Please note re: the seme nawa tie--the neck attachment was never knotted and remained loose. Rope play involving the neck is serious business and requires common sense and great care.